Asset Management


Without doubt, the family economy of incomes and payments is directly related to asset management. Families need to plan for the short, medium and long term; to predict payments for the coming days and include these into the overall budget for the following year – without forgetting pension provisions. The present has to be enjoyed without compromising the future, because we hope to live for many years. We must be optimistic; after sixty-five we will have another twenty years or more, and when we are retired, those years will be the most important of our lives.

At Azuara & Baviera we take the family economy very seriously. We have been asset managers since 1990; advising our clients how best to deal with the present and the future. A good understanding of discipline and austerity are our principles.

To save and to preserve one’s assets demands certain sacrifices; prudence must direct this management because profits arise from hard work rather than from speculation. These guidelines apply to all families even those without marital crisis; however, it is particularly important to apply them after separation or divorce when some fall in the level of family income is more likely.

Financial institutions and savings

A sound understanding of financial institutions includes knowing which ones are ethical, which ones provide a good range of honest products and which ones charge reasonable fees. Our advice is focused on the following aspects:

  • Solvency and ethics of the financial institution
  • Personal and online services
  • Fee exemption or maximum reduction of fees
  • Suitable range of products for obtaining expected returns
  • Portfolio designs for appropriate level of risk/return requirement, but always with a level of caution
  • Long-term products

Company management

At Azuara & Baviera our clients are people not companies. Our greatest satisfaction is to see the needs of our clients fulfilled. However, occasionally the best structure for managing assets is through a company. These companies in themselves have no content, they are simply a means to best optimise assets.

We manage and establish companies according to their purpose: property management, artistic heritage, holding companies, etc., and our experience ranges from the US, to Panama and Belize.

Company investments

Investing in companies is investing in the real economy and accepting the risks and rewards that go with it. We invest either directly in a company itself or in certain lines of business within a company. We must be satisfied that any investments offered to our clients meet the following three fundamental principles:

  • Trust in the investment managers
  • High profitability, but within a consistent range of return
  • The amount of investment must be a relatively small part of the total wealth, so the cash flow needs of the investor are not put at risk

by Maxima