Our Philosophy

Each case is unique and unrepeatable. Every one of our clients is a person deserving all the time necessary, plus our full effort and total dedication.

Our philosophy for divorce and separation

Anyone who has been through a marriage crisis knows that the first few months following a break up can bring feelings of stress and confusion. In the weeks that immediately follow a separation, people must face a number of issues which are best dealt with as calmly as possible: finding a new home; relationships with children; work responsibilities; negotiations with their partner; and sometimes feelings of blame or of freedom. These are difficult times in which even the strongest men and women can be deeply affected and disorientated. Our promise is that you will have full support from Azuara & Baviera from the moment you walk into our office.

Trust between client and lawyer

The best defence of our clients’ interests comes through the development of a close relationship between each client and their lawyer at Azuara & Baviera. It is important for clients to understand that decisions made in a separation agreement will be valid for a long period of time and that they can be difficult to amend. Dialogue and trust between our clients and their lawyer is a prerequisite for our professional task.

We are particularly concerned for young children who are still financially dependent on their parents. Adults have the resources to freely decide their own fate, but this is not the case with minors. Their interests are most in need of protection, therefore any decision that affects them – from the allocation of the family home, the calculation and payment of maintenance, through to visitation rights – needs to be taken only after careful assessment and with absolute precision.

Each family is different and every client needs to be treated individually. We dedicate as much time and energy as is required, and for that reason we don’t charge our fees by the hour.

by Maxima