Strategy and Economics for Divorce

After a marriage breakup a new life begins for both parties and for their children. For this reason estate planning (property division, pensions, debt allocation, etc.) during a divorce or separation process is of crucial importance to the future. One of our principles is to ensure the interests of the parent, but it is especially importantly to cover the rights and best interests of the child.

Our experience over the years has shown us that most conflicts arising from separation and divorce are more focused on financial matters rather than on disputes related to the children. However, children are occasionally affected indirectly as a result of financial disputes between parents. In these moments it’s critical to calmly assess the issues, not simply to remedy the current situation, but to facilitate the possibility of modifications in the future – if changes in circumstance are foreseeable.

Divorce law has always been our passion, especially with the need for skilled negotiation and because of the complete dominance of the financial and property aspects within a divorce or separation. Our goal is clear: defend firmly our clients’ interests by way of negotiation, considering litigation as the last resort.

Wealth management experience

Our deep knowledge of the law, together with our experience in investments and national and international banking – both in high tax countries and tax havens – gives us the clear vision and ability needed to understand the human and economic requirements of our clients.

We sincerely believe that the fact that we have been commercial negotiators, business consultants, financial asset and property managers puts us in an excellent position when addressing economic conflict.

by Maxima