Divorce and Family Law

Society always changes faster than the law, and whilst current law must be used as a reference point, the social reality is so complex and changeable that it is vital to be able to interpret the law as it applies to current situations.

We keep abreast of the latest laws passed, as well as the interpretations made by judges in recent trials, and, perhaps most importantly, we adapt our knowledge to the current social reality.

Azuara y Baviera consider that the most professional and efficient way to defend our clients’ interests is by knowing every detail of the cases we work on. We believe that in such a complex area as family law, being specialists is by far the best way to exercise our professional responsibility and to give confidence to our clients.

The basic unit, around which society is formed, is the family; but today there is no standard family model. As well as marriage – either civil or religious – there are cohabiting couples, homosexual couples, single-parent families, couples who have gone through a previous separation, and families living at separate addresses. This variety of modern family arrangements can be further complicated by the growth in international relationships.

Azuara & Baviera address all aspects of marriage crisis: parenting plans, espousal maintenance, compensation for work reasons, child support, provisional measures during divorce proceedings, emergency measures, shared custody, visitation rights, divorce agreements, use of the marital home, use of a second residence and grandparent and non-parent visitation, etc.

Divorce and Family Law