Our Philosophy for Divorce and Separation

We strongly believe that negotiation is the best way to resolve conflict and that litigation is the very last resort. However, if we must go to trial, we will utilise all our experience and resources to achieve the best results possible. Throughout both the negotiations and trial, we listen closely to our clients, help them to define their goals and then fight to achieve them.

Economic consequences of separation or divorce

One of our main concerns is the economic consequences of separation or divorce, not only for the divorcing couple but especially for any children who are involved. We are particularly concerned for young children who are still financially dependent on their parents.

Adults have the resources to freely decide their own fate, but this is not the case with minors. Their interests are most in need of protection, therefore any decision that affects them – from the allocation of the family home, the calculation and payment of maintenance, through to visitation rights – needs to be taken only after careful assessment and with absolute precision.

It is important for clients to understand that decisions made in a separation agreement will be valid for a long period of time and that they can be difficult to amend. Dialogue and trust between our clients and their lawyer is a prerequisite for our professional task. For that reason we don’t charge our fees by the hour.

Philosophy for Divorce and Separation